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Carmin Carotenuto’s love of games is limited only by the temporal constraints that keep him from playing all of them. Carmin is a firm believer that games are for everyone.

Questions with Carmin Carotenuto

Pronouns: he/him


How long have you been gaming?
I've been gaming for over 27 years, starting with Magic: the Gathering, then Dungeons & Dragons, followed by Warhammer. From those three, I discovered the world of gaming and haven't looked back since.

Where might we recognize you from?

I was a cast member of the Adventure.exe podcast for the first few seasons, and I used to be a professional games master at the former Storm Crow restaurants in Vancouver, BC. You might have also seen me behind the counter at STRATEGIES Games & Hobbies in the past.

What are your top three systems or settings to play?

I really love Role-Playing Games, so it's hard to pick. If I had to narrow it down to three that really speak to me it'd be Vampire the Masquerade, Savage Worlds (Deadlands especially), and the 2d20 system (Mutant Chronicles, Star Trek, et al).

Three adjectives to describe your gaming style:

Story-oriented, Interactive, Fun

Please describe your favourite set of dice:

It's so hard to pick! Sometimes I just grab a die at random from my gigantic bag of dice, and then try and find the matching ones and use that set. Right now I'm pretty enamoured with a white marble set with gold numbers (that are actually really hard to read). I still have my first dice, though, from the AD&D 2nd edition starter set.

What is one completely ordinary non-gaming fact about you?

I lived in Germany for a bit.

What is one completely wild non-gaming fact about you?

I co-wrote a play that the creator of the comic "Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman" liked.

Favourite fruit:


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