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May I Interest You in Some Consistency?

Don't get too excited about this post, gang; it's one of those posts about how I'm going to post more. My previous blogs are littered with these, and while it's not the most professional thing for someone to write, I ain't doin' this for money, so there.

I'm trying to blog once a week, but I'm also trying to not just write dreck. I think consistency's important with things like blogs or other websites. Consistency keeps people coming back, and demonstrates reliability. It also gives people who like what I do something to look forward to. Honestly, one of my game design role models, Mark Rosewater, talks about this a lot in his (regular) column, and on his (consistently-released) podcast.

I'm going to aim for Monday releases. This is nice because everyone but me goes back to work on a Monday, and can spend time reading what's on my blog instead of doing your boring work. For myself, this gives me Sunday to write something, and Monday to write something if I really slack off on Sunday.

But what can you, humble reader, expect? Well, I own a lot of gaming books, and I pride myself on knowing a lot about gaming history so there might be some articles on that (though there are also some really cool insider places you can see that too). I also managed to somehow find myself on some publishers' lists of reviewers, so I could talk about some new stuff that's come out (mostly in the RPG world). I'm also working on a miniatures game, so I could talk about some game design from an amateur's perspective (calm down. It's still in its beginning stages, and I have neither artists, nor sculptors, nor even a playlets ruleset available. Just scribbles and notes).

All-in-all it shouldn't be a terrible waste of a few minutes during your Monday and gives me an excuse to actually write (something I went to school for, and since then have just been painting models and going to karaoke nights at bars instead). Anyway, back to work everyone. See you next Monday.




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