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Warhammer 40,000 2nd Edition Painting Challenge Month Four

Whew! A photo finish.

It sounds like a strange thing to say for three models, but there were days where I thought I’d have to take a mulligan on this entry. I couldn’t exactly tell you why, either. Maybe it was school; maybe it was the disparate color scheme, but every time I sat down to paint it felt like I was just toying around with the models, rather than getting some solid work done.

Anyway, one of the hurdles of the three was that I thought I’d try practicing some two-brush blending on the robes, only to realize that I probably didn’t have the time to make it really pop, so opted instead for my typical basic layering and edge highlighting. The Warlock with the green robes was the toughest as I first tried a Snot Green base, then a Woodland Green one, but they both turned out to be too thin (even over a white primer!). Finally I went with a Dark Angels Green, with Sunburst Yellow then Skull White mixed in for the highlights. The helmets of the green Warlock and the Farseer were Bilious Green with Skull White added in for the highlights.

Overall, I’m really happy with how the gold turned out (Shining Gold with a Chestnut Wash, followed by a Mithril Silver highlight).

Month 4 Army List Breakdown:

Farseer - 170 pts.

- Laspistol, rune armor

Warlock - 51 pts.

-Laspistol, rune armor

Warlock - 51 pts.

-Laspistol, rune armor

Total: 272 pts.

(When I wrote this army list I didn’t load these guys up with any wargear… Probably because my Dark Millennium box is in storage. Oh well, more points for my dreadnought next month!)

This also means I can cross off a whopping two boxes on my 2022 hobby bingo! One for the Farseer, and another for the two Warlocks. I'm not going to bother to include a pic of the sheet here as it's the same as the previous post only with two more stamps on the A column. I also realize that the posts on this blog have been a bit sparse as of late. This is purely due to how much school work I have. I'm hoping to have more time to write and hobby later in the spring.




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