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Warhammer 40,000 2nd Edition Painting Challenge Month Three

Month three of the challenge has come and gone and I’m glad I chose the simplest slice to work on during the shortest window of the challenge (a measly twenty-eight days). I managed to refurbish my hex pot of Bleached Bone in order to paint these as authentically as I could. In fact, keeping with my old school painting experiment I used these figures as an opportunity to take up the use of inks again. With the exception of Flesh Wash, Chestnut Ink, or Armour Wash, I never really used them in the past, instead relying on simple three-tiered layering (shade, mid-tone, and highlight). Once Citadel came out with the shades (née washes), and other manufacturers followed suit, I waved goodbye to inks and put them into storage. The mighty Mike McVey, however, swears by them in his paint guides, and so I decided to dust off my bottles* and try a red glaze on all the red you see in these figures. I painted the red with Blood Red, then added Blood Angels Red, followed by Sunburst Yellow, then finally added Skull White to the mix. I then thinned out some Red Ink until it was mostly transparent and did one coat of that. Looking back I think I could’ve highlighted a little more extremely, as the Red Ink glaze blends the highlights all together, but that’s something to consider as I continue my inksperimentation.

Not only do these fearsome warriors contribute towards the paint challenge I'm embroiled in, but they also fall within my 2022 hobby goals of only painting (space)(a)elfs! To add a third factor into my painting I'm also taking part in White Dwarf's Hobby Bingo, an informal activity where people keep track of what they accomplish in a year, and see how well they've done at year's end. This squad gives me a second stamp on the bingo board.

Until next time (and hopefully I'll post more than once a month)!


*My hex pot washes and glazes had pigment sitting on the bottom that I couldn’t mix very well, and my third generation Citadel inks were thick and sludgy (the 12mL gem pots with the black flip caps), so I went with my collection of P3 inks from Privateer Press. Before you jump up and say “hey Carmin! Those paints aren’t old school!” Remember that they were created by Mike McVey himself, so if they’re good enough for him, they’re good enough for me. Right now, they’re my inks of choice.



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